5 reasons why smaller class sizes can benefit your child

If you’re currently looking for a new independent school for your child in the heart of the Cambodian capital, the chances are ‘smaller class sizes’ might catch your eye! But why are small class sizes so beneficial for children, and what does all of the latest evidence suggest are the overriding benefits?

A smaller class size can positively change your child’s education

AISPP has made a conscious decision about their smaller class sizes believing it not only benefits a child’s learning experience, it also shapes their whole education.

Small class sizes sound great – but what actual difference can it make to your child’s school education?

1. Increased achievement

All of the evidence points to the fact that smaller class sizes lead to better academic achievement. Why? There’s no room for children to hide – even the quiet ones! With fewer students, teachers are able to focus on the individual, encouraging participation, improvement and confidence.

2. Easier to identify issues

If a child does have an issue or a learning problem, it’s much easier for staff to identify it, and put in place measures to deal with it.

3. More ‘one-on-one’ time with teaching staff

Whilst class size alone is not wholly responsible for the achievement of students at AISPP, the number of people in learning groups, coupled with world-class teaching methods, ensures students go on and do well.

With more one-on-one teaching time available per student, it leads to better collaboration, reinforcement of key learning points, the sharing of ideas, etc. This all helps to sew the seeds of success.

4. Promotes a cohesive/community class culture

Evidence confirms that smaller classes gel better than larger ones. That means children have more opportunities to interact and form relationships with different people – promoting a mutually supportive and tolerant community.

5. Students are more engaged

When students feel a part of what’s happening and a bond with their teacher, they will get much more out of their learning experience. Active, enthusiastic learning will become part of their mindset and the quality of their work will soar.

The sheer fact that your child is placed in a smaller, less chaotic, highly structured environment promotes a higher quality of learning – and that’s why AISPP has decided to pursue this policy.

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