A general overview of the AISPP Australian National Curriculum

Top of the preferred education pathways currently available, the Australian National Curriculum has much to offer today’s international student community. With a truly global focus, many parents are opting to send their children to leading international schools providing this as their core Curriculum.

Why is the Australian National Curriculum so popular?

Cast your mind back a few years and you may remember that to study the Australian National Curriculum you had to do so in Australia. But now that we are all globally mobile, the Curriculum is now being implemented across most states and territories, including at AISPP, Phnom Penh.

Combined with the IB (International Baccalaureate) framework it prepares students for 21st Century learning and working

One of the key reasons schools adopt this Curriculum is that teachers can use it to meet the different and often distinct needs and interests of individual learners.

In a nutshell, it’s hugely flexible and can be used alongside other internationally recognised learning frameworks like the IB to deliver globalized learning experiences and skills, introducing students to 21st Century living and working.

How is the Australian Curriculum organised?

There are 3 different aspects to the Curriculum:

  1. Learning/subjects (There are 8 core areas including: Humanities and Social Sciences, Science, English, Mathematics, Health and PE, The Arts, Technologies and a choice of 15 languages).
  2. General capabilities (Skills and abilities designed to prepare students for work in the 21st Century: ICT capability, literacy and numeracy, critical and creative thinking, personal and social capability, ethical and intercultural understanding).
  3. Cross-curriculum priorities (Priorities aligned to Australia and the region: ie: culture and history, engagement with Asia and sustainability).

With flexibility, relevance, wide-ranging subject choice and popularity in its favour, the Australian National Curriculum is often a first choice for expats, local Cambodian families and those looking for a springboard to access top universities across the globe.

AISPP, an Australian Co-ed IB International K-12 school (Phnom Penh), is fast becoming one of the Kingdom of Cambodia’s leading education providers. Providing a modern Australian private and independent education, its 21st Century philosophy, state-of-the-art facilities and world-class teaching standards, make it ideally placed to prepare children for the global challenges and opportunities that lie ahead of them.

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