Educating kids for the future at AISPP

Education has changed a great deal in recent years. Schools are now faced with the difficult challenges of not only equipping youngsters with the appropriate qualifications to get them into the university of their choice, but encouraging them to have a much wider global mindset so they can go on and build their future wherever that might be in the world.

Giving kids a 21st Century education

“A 21st Century education is what all children deserve”, according to AISPP (Australian International School, Phnom Penh – a Co-ed IB international K-12 provider).

But what does that mean? Essentially, it’s about giving children from a young age, the right environment, encouragement and learning opportunities to develop the skills for life and qualifications that they need to succeed in our new and exciting world. That includes helping them to grow in confidence, to develop character and to have a positive outlook on global life and learning generally.

What skills are required in today’s global workplace?

Alongside core academic learning at AISPP based on a 4-programme IB framework (K-12), students are taught how to think creatively, to be risk-takers, effective communicators and willing collaborators. Whilst not specific subjects, these core disciplines flow through everything that is taught at AISPP.

Children are given the freedom that they need to explore these themes, on a level that they understand, and are encouraged to exercise the use of them throughout their daily lives.

Individual learning experiences – a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach is no longer appropriate

It’s sad that too many students are still educated as they were in the past. Unfortunately, this approach fails to embrace the fact that the world at large, and the global career opportunities that now exist, have completely changed.

AISPP endeavours to provide individual learning experiences and opportunities that help the individual child to adapt, and to equip themselves with the skills they need to be competitive in our rapidly developing world – and all of this is delivered in a contemporary setting, by an international team of accomplished teachers and managers that understand the world at large.

Empowering a new generation of global leaders

“Our school is a truly amazing place”, said Paul Grisewood, Head of School. “Success looks a lot different now than it did in the past, so we aim to give every child the best possible start by opening their eyes to the opportunities now possible.”

AISPP, an Australian Co-ed IB International K-12 school (Phnom Penh), is fast becoming one of the Kingdom of Cambodia’s leading education providers. Providing a modern Australian private and independent education, its 21st Century philosophy, state-of-the-art facilities and world-class teaching standards, make it ideally placed to prepare children for the global challenges and opportunities that lie ahead of them.

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