The following fees are compulsory, and non-transferable.

1. Application Fee: US $250 per student. This is a one-time fee payable when the enrolment form is submitted. This fee is payable for all students who are applying to AISPP for the first time.

2. Security Deposit: US $750 per student. This is a fee, which is refundable without interest at the end of Grade 12 or after the student withdraws from the school at another time. One term’s notice of the intention to withdraw must be given, in writing, to the Admissions Office. All AISPP textbooks and equipment must have been returned in order to receive the refund.

3. Enrolment Fee: US $2750 per student. This non-refundable fee is due within 5 days of an offer of a place being made. The payment will secure the place for the student at AISPP.

4. Annual Capital Fee: Annual fee payable for all new and returning students. The annual capital fee will cover the costs of maintaining and upgrading the AISPP resources and facilities.

ELC 2 USD $500
ELC 3 – ELC4 US $900
Foundation – 12 US $2150

Annual Tuition and Capital Fees 2018 – 2019
(Payment in full in advance by 31st July 2018)

ELC 2$4,540 US$500 US
ELC 3$6,035 US$900 US
ELC 4$7,550 US$900 US
Foundation Year 1$14,705 US$2,150 US
Year 2 – Year 4$15,255 US$2,150 US
Year 5$15,360 US$2,150 US
Year 6$17,673 US$2,150 US
Year 7 – Year 10$18,385 US$2,150 US
Year 11 – Year 12$19,825 US$2,150 US


Tuition Twice Per Year ($ USD)

Payable By31 July04 JanTotal Paid Twice Per Year
ELC 2$2,326.75 US$2,326.77 US$4,653.50 US
ELC 3$3,092.94 US$3,092.94 US$6,185.88 US
ELC 4$3,869.38 US$3,869.38 US$7,738.75 US
Foundation – Year 1$7,536.31 US$7,536.31 US$15,072.63 US
Year 2 – Year 4$7,818.19 US$7,818.19 US$15,636.38 US
Year 5$7,872.00 US$7,872.00 US$15,744.00 US
Year 6$9,057.41 US$9,057.41 US$18,144.83 US
Year 7 – Year 10$9,422.31 US$9,422.31 US$18,844.63 US
Year 11 – Year 12$10,160.31 US$10,160.31 US$20,320.63 US


Tuition Four Times a Year ($ USD)

Payable By31 July12 Oct04 Jan19 AprTotal Paid Four Times Per Year
ELC 2$1,191.75 US$1,191.75 US$1,191.75 US$1,191.75 US$4,767.00 US
ELC 3$1,584.19 US$1,584.19 US$1,584.19 US$1,584.19 US$6,336.75 US
ELC 4$1,981.88 US$1,981.88 US$1,981.88 US$1,981.88 US$7,927.50 US
Foundation – Year 1$3,860.06 US$3,860.06 US$3,860.06 US$3,860.06 US$15,440.25 US
Year 2 – Year 4$4,004.44 US$4,004.44 US$4,004.44 US$4,004.44 US$16,017.75 US
Year 5$4,032.00 US$4,032.00 US$4,032.00 US$4,032.00 US$16,128.00 US
Year 6$4,639.16 US$4,639.16 US$4,639.16 US$4,639.16 US$18,556.65 US
Year 7 – Year 10$4,826.06 US$4,826.06 US$4,826.06 US$4,826.06 US$19,304.25 US
Year 11 – Year 12$5,204.06 US$5,204.06 US$5,204.06 US$5,204.06 US$20,816.25 US