Why is a child-friendly school so important?

Whether you’re moving to a new school, changing schools or seeking a different school perhaps in a new part of the world, it’s important to make sure that your education provider is child-friendly. The fact is, every school has an important part to play in helping children to feel safe, to adjust to their surroundings, and to feel personally comfortable in their care.

Starting any new or different school can be daunting and stressful, particularly if it’s on the other side of the world!

Schools have an obligation to provide an environment that is safe, inclusive and friendly – for all of their young learners.

In the case of a child that is in an environment, or country, that isn’t what they are used to, that might involve specific one-on-one counselling, pastoral support, or participation in a co-curricular activity to help children settle in, make friends and to find their feet.

Kids are natural learners if they feel happy, safe and relaxed

Children are natural learners, if they are placed in the right environment and encouraged by the teachers working with them. But a school cannot just label itself as ‘child friendly’ without adequate contact and support from parents.

Being ‘child friendly’ is directly linked to this support, and schools need to find ways of encouraging participation and collaboration from the families that form part of its wider community.

A family-orientated environment: parents are part of their child’s learning journey at AISPP

Through community outreach, participation in local activities, parental involvement in school events, open/celebration days, etc. AISPP aims to create special bonds with parents and children alike.

A whole-school, child friendly culture

Renowned for its family-atmosphere, friendliness and whole-school, child-friendly culture, AISPP values parental input and works with families to make sure that each and every child has access to the support, facilities and opportunities that they deserve – and need – if they are to be motivated to learn.

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