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A World Class School

The Australian International School Phnom Penh offers a world-class education measured against and meeting international standards. Combining the academic rigor of the Australian Curriculum with the internationally renowned IB Programmes, AISPP gives your children the chance to be the best they can be.

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How to Enroll Your Child

AISPP awakens the enormous potential in every child to have a positive impact on their world. We do this by providing a safe place to grow, learn and explore. We have combined the Australian Curriculum with the IB curricula to offer the best education for our students. Book a tour with our team today, and let us show you how AISPP is committed to meeting the needs of students with passion, drive and creativity.

Empowering Voices

Title of Art: Dog House
Artists: Vitou Chamreun
Materials: Wood, screws, glue, drawings, woodwork tools
Central Idea: Our actions can impact animal welfare

Title of Art: The Effect of Cyberbullying
Artists: Anna and Naliza
Materials: Acrylic paint & gesso on handmade paper
Central Idea: Online safety can be impacted by how people express themselves

Title of Art: Your Beach/Marine Environment
Artists: Talia & Anika
Materials: Plastic bottles, tyre, wire, acrylic
Central Idea: Human actions can impact oceans and marine life

Title of Art: Long & Chaser to the Rescue
Artists: Long
Materials: Cardboard and paint for the sculpture and Canva for the book illustrations
Central Idea: Raising awareness about landmines can support communities

Title of Art: The Plastic Queen Cream
Artists: Dalaen, Lyly and Tey
Materials: Scrap fabric, Recycled plastic bag, wire and iceblock sticks
Central Idea: People’s choices in fashion can affect animals

Title of Art: The Difference
Artists: Sodana, Malyda and Gemmarine
Materials: Tin foil, tissue paper, brush, ready paste glue, paint, CD shards
Central Idea: Children’s mental health can be impacted by parental understanding of wellbeing

Title of Art: The Tree of Knowledge
Artists: Mollika, Iyching and Merlinda
Materials: Book, wires, paper, glue, foil, masking tape, stapler, scissor, pencil, eraser, plaster, cardboard, paint
Central Idea: Children’s access to education can be impacted by family life

Title of Art: The Ball that Teaches & Hands that Heal
Artists: Theo & Ivvan
Materials: paper mache on wire frame and plaster cast on hands
Central Idea: Equality in sport can influence opportunities for success

Title of Art: A Puzzling Journey
Artists: Nana & Panhavuth
Materials: Drawing, collage, paint and glue on wood
Central Idea: Children’s mental health can be influenced by their access to sport
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The Australian International School Phnom Penh prides itself on the quality, experience and qualifications of its staff. Drawn mainly from Australia, the UK, the US, South Africa and New Zealand, our team brings together the very best national and international qualifications and standards – meaning they are ideally placed to help your children be the best they can be.