A teacher engaging with a student demonstrates the positive school culture at Australian International School Phnom Penh

GROW INTO SOMETHING Visionary Beautiful Creative Innovative Inspiring Wonderful Thriving Curious


Inspiring the joyful pursuit of learning and intercultural understanding.

AISPP values:

  • Sharing our passions to make things better together.
  • Our differences make us stronger. 
  • Find Sok Sabay (wellness) inside and out.
  • Our learning is limitless


Igniting a passion for a life of learning together.

Strategic Intent

AISPP aspires to excellence and aims to be a regional leader in education, providing an: 

  • internationally minded, private school education. 
  • engaging and creative curriculum based upon the Australian Curriculum (AC) and the IB programmes
  • outstanding educational organisation accredited and authorised to international standards. 


AISPP recognises that successful schools today have an enormous responsibility to educate students for their unknown futures. As such, AISPP is committed to meet the needs of its students with passion, drive, creativity, innovation and dedication.

To undertake this enormous responsibility AISPP strongly believes we must focus our efforts on upholding the following:

Our logo, the lotus flower, is integral to our host country, and the 3 top petals are symbolic of Angkor Wat, at the heart of Cambodia’s heritage and culture. Each of the delicate petals represents one of the ten IB Learner Profile traits.

The three gold petals at the top also symbolise our philosophy of excellence and the Australian Curriculum with an internationally-minded context, providing:

AISPP strives to understand the nature of every child and provide student-centered, growth mindset learning. Each day spent at school provides precious time to learn and to be challenged. We are committed to moving beyond the traditional approach of teaching all children the same way. Addressing individual learning needs and ensuring individual learning styles are a part of all of our programmes providing a stimulating, targeted, personalised approach.

AISPP believes that the quality of our teachers is paramount. We have recruited them as outstanding, internationally qualified teachers to offer the best teaching possible.

Our teachers are enthusiastic learners and inquirers who develop, nurture and grow inquiry within their students. We know they are passionate about providing engaging and motivational learning activities and rich assessment tasks.

AISPP believes that contemporary education recognises the importance of social values and responsibilities. Emotional intelligence, values, social and emotional programmes, involvement in action and service programmes, and developing international-mindedness feature in all of our programmes. This is further enhanced by our implementation of Positive Education, a supportive and healthy way in which we bring our students and our staff into our environment, focusing on well-being for all in our community.

AISPP prides itself on offering a beautiful setting, creative contemporary learning spaces and a learning environment that focuses on local and global aspects of our shared planet and common humanity.