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AISPP provides a caring environment for students to thrive in a creative, collaborative and confident manner.


We are a community of global citizens, aspiring to excellence, by developing a balanced learning environment to ensure our learners become well rounded, caring members of society.


Our school strives to offer the highest level of safety for our students, community and visitors. The school has extensive internal and external security measures to ensure the welfare and safety of all.

AISPP has a security policy and a crisis management procedure, both of which are under constant review with the Senior Leadership Team and Health & Safety Committee.

When visiting the campus, all parents must wear their parent ID badge. The same holds true for drivers, nannies and other guardians. Please note that the campus contains CCTV security cameras.

All visitors must sign in at the Admissions Building, sign our AISPP safeguarding statement and wear their visitor badge, clearly visible, when entering the school areas. Visitors must be accompanied by an AISPP employee when entering the school.

As a courtesy, and for security reasons, it is vital that appropriate staff members are informed of an intended visit. All visitors are asked to sign out upon departure, and return their Visitor’s Badge to the reception area.

Parents are welcome in the reception areas in both the Primary and the Early Years buildings. Unless invited specifically by staff, parents should remain outside of the classrooms so as not to disturb the learning that is taking place during school hours.

There are bathroom facilities available via our reception area, as well as seating for those who are waiting for an appointment or their child. Visitors are not permitted to use student bathrooms inside the buildings.

The flow of traffic around the campus is managed to ensure the safety of the students. Vehicles are only permitted on school grounds if recognised by our security team and directed to sign in at our reception / admissions building.

AISPP is a non-smoking campus.

AISPP conducts regular emergency drills, as is standard procedure in our Council of International Schools membership accreditation. Emergency evacuation routes are posted in each room. Students are expected to follow the teacher’s instructions to ensure their own safety and the safety of others. Lockdown and fire drills are regularly practiced under supervision throughout the school year.

The school also monitors our local and international context for security topics. In the event of civil unrest, the school administration will be in contact with authorities and embassies to determine the seriousness of any situation. The school may determine to have students remain on site for their safety, or parents may be requested to collect children – dependent upon the situation.

In Cambodia, heavy rains resulting in flooding may occasionally disrupt the normal school day. This could be flooding of roads and residential areas around the campus. Delays should be expected, and community safety is always the priority in these circumstances.

AISPP functions as a closed campus. If a student needs to leave school before our 3:00pm dismissal time, they must have written permission from a parent or notification via phone or email with the front reception. Teachers must also be informed. Our Primary age students will be physically collected from the classroom to ensure their safety.

If a student feels unwell at school, the office staff/nurse will notify their parents, and arrangements will be made to leave school as needed.

Nannies, family caregivers, drivers and bodyguards should not be on the school campus during the school day. If they choose to remain, they must stay in the driver area, outside the school buildings, near to the main entrance.

Contractors only have permission through the Operations Manager and team to enter the site after hours and be under AISPP supervision.

Any person found on school grounds without visitor identification will be referred to the school’s administration. The school reserves the right to have inappropriate people removed.

Policy Statements

Child Protection

Safeguarding children describes the actions we take to promote the welfare of children and protect them from harm. We believe that safeguarding children is the responsibility of everyone who works at AISPP, and that everyone who comes into contact with children and families has a role to play.

We define safeguarding as:

We ensure this through safer recruitment practices, Child Protection Officer monitoring, annual staff training, pastoral care programs and monitoring of students. Mandatory reporting guidelines are in place at AISPP.

AISPP is committed to working with the community, agencies and schools globally to uphold student safety and wellbeing.

Any concerns may be reported directly to the Deputy Head or Head of School.

Policy Statements

Behavior and Anti-bullying

Our responsibility to the whole school community is to have a behaviour policy and guidelines that remain consistent throughout the school, pertinent to the age of the students in their divisions, and that promotes learning, values and safety.

We encourage students to achieve in a learning environment where student agency is promoted, reflective choices are made, and good behaviour is the norm. We believe students achieve their full potential in a happy, stimulating and safe environment.

Our aim is:

At AISPP, we believe that staff have the right to teach and students have the right to learn in a safe environment, focused upon being responsible members of society.

Please direct any concerns or questions to your classroom or homeroom teacher.

Policy Statements

Student Uniforms

It is our policy that all children wear a school uniform when attending school or when participating in a school-organised event outside of normal school hours. AISPP believes that our uniform is an important aspect of our school’s identity and is an integral part of our community. We believe that the uniform builds a sense of unity and belonging, and we hope all students will wear their uniform with pride.

On health and safety grounds, we encourage children not to wear jewelry while at school, with the exception of a watch, or stud earrings for girls. The school does not permit children to have extreme haircuts. For reasons of health and safety, children with long hair should have it tied back so that it is away from their face and not a distraction to them during their learning. We request all children to wear black shoes as described in the uniform list, or black sport shoes, as needed per the activity or event.

We ask all parents who have chosen AISPP for their children to support the school uniform policy.

Any uniform queries should be directed to the reception team.

Policy Statements

Data Protection

AISPP complies with international Personal Data Protection standards relating to the collection, use, disclosure and security of your personal data. This recognises your rights to access and correct your personal data held by the school, as well as the needs of the school to collect, use and disclose your personal data for legitimate purposes.

You have the right to request to access and/or correct the personal data held about you and your child by the school, and the school shall respond to such requests as soon as reasonably possible. The School will ensure that your personal data is always secure by implementing appropriate security measures to prevent unauthorised access, collection, use, disclosure, copying or modification of your personal data, in particular when the processing of data involves third parties.

Any enquiries regarding data and data protection can be addressed to the Senior Leadership Team.

Personal data that is collected about you and your family, including identity documents, contact details, date of birth, marital status, medical information and bank information will be held in the strictest confidence by AISPP, though it will be used to: