AISPP Student Excels at World Scholar's Cup Tournament of Champions

The Australian International School of Phnom Penh (AISPP) is proud to share the continued success of our Year 12 IB Diploma Programme student, Narirath Chhoeung. She traveled to the finals of the World Scholar’s Cup Tournament of Champions (WSC TOC) held at Yale University, one of the elite Ivy League schools in the USA.

Narirath Chhoeung, proudly wearing her AISPP uniform, earned three medals in the WSC TOC, which was an impressive gathering of over 2700 students from 47 different countries. This final round, held at the prestigious Yale University, showcased the intellectual talents of Chhoeung and solidified AISPP’s standing on the global academic stage. Expressing her delight in the achievement, Chhoeung highlighted the strong sense of identity and community fostered by AISPP.

Chhoeung’s journey at the TOC extended beyond the competition itself. During her time at Yale University, she had the opportunity to visit renowned institutions such as Yale, Harvard, and MIT, enriching her overall educational experience.

The success of Narirath Chhoeung at the WSC TOC reinforces AISPP’s commitment to providing a platform for students to excel academically and culturally. AISPP extends heartfelt congratulations to Chhoeung for her outstanding achievements and representation on the world stage.

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