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The IB Diploma Programme (IB DP) is one of the very best high school diplomas you can get

The IB DP is a comprehensive learning experience that supports the nature of knowledge, independent research and community understanding and equips 16-19-year-old students with international, geographical and cultural awareness.

It is a rigorous academic program that starts 2 years before the completion of your high school diploma, enabling you to have a credential recognized by universities worldwide.

The right combination of subjects will enable you to access any career.

There are more than 5,000 universities across 100 countries that accept IB DP students.

The IB DP allows students to set themselves apart from other students because it enables them to develop skills and capacities that most students don’t have until 2nd or 3rd year of university. These include:

  • Open-ended problem solving skills
  • Thinking skills
  • Communication skills
  • Research skills
  • Self-management skills
  • Social skills

Diploma Programme students are required to think beyond the subjects they are studying, reflecting on the nature of knowledge itself (Theory of Knowledge), and how to extend their knowledge as internationally-minded thinkers who are mindful of improving their communities.

What does the IB Diploma Programme cover?

The IB DP employs a balanced two-year curriculum and assessment framework that requires students to study six subjects and core components across all disciplines. Within this structured framework, the DP provides a great deal of flexibility, accommodating student interests and abilities. Through careful subject selection, students may tailor their studies to meet their needs.

Regardless of the subject selection, all students explore the connections between the six major subject areas through an internationally-minded perspective, reflecting critically on the building blocks of knowledge. Through the extended essay, students pursue one subject in great detail using independent research.

A 2021 study measured IB DP and Career-related Programme (CP) students’ global-mindedness levels benchmarked against their peers from a similar age range. Results indicated that DP and CP students showed higher levels of global-mindedness than young adults in the benchmark groups. Additionally, second-year IB students averaged higher global-mindedness levels than their first-year peers.

Which universities will the IB Diploma Programme give me access to?

The DP has a high level of respect and recognition amongst the majority of top higher education institutions. Students succeeding in the DP often get admissions-related benefits, course credits, and scholarships at many universities.

While not all countries recognize the nature of the programme, overall a strong DP score will open doors to top universities worldwide.

Parents and students must be aware, however, that the DP is not an automatic entry; students still have to achieve high scores if they are targeting world-class universities.

Countries like Australia, Canada, USA and Western Europe have very welcoming policies for IB DP students. In some USA universities, advanced credits for strong grades are offered in the higher-level subjects. German and Swiss universities have very welcoming policies for IB DP students, but do have strict regulations on which subjects are accepted.

What are the next Steps?

Book an appointment with the admissions department to start your qualification registration as soon as possible. Your future is in your hands!

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