How to become an Airline Pilot in Cambodia

Is becoming a Pilot a good career choice in Cambodia?

You are about to start a wonderful journey to becoming an airline pilot. Even though there are many different types of pilots, the passenger airline transport pilot is the most desired. Openings for airline pilots in Cambodia and globally are growing faster and faster because of global pilot shortages. According to Boeing, many pilots retired during the COVID-19 pandemic and will retire in the next 10 years, leaving a massive gap in the aviation industry. This means that new pilots will always have well-paid jobs. However, the pandemic also meant that many pilots were not able to train or be trained and so there is a global shortage of pilots. It is expected that the world will need to train an estimated 14,500 pilots every year for the next 10 years to meet global aviation demands. In short – You have chosen a great career path to follow – an Aviation pilot.

What are the requirements to become a Pilot?

  1. Firstly, you are going to need to choose what type of pilot you want to be, because each pilot’s licence fulfils different aviation functions.
  2. Secondly, you need to become academically qualified with an Aviation Bachelor’s degree at an accredited University.
  3. Finally, you need to put in the required number of flying hours to become a qualified and certified pilot.

What are the different types of Pilots Licences?

  1. A Student Pilot licence is required before you can train to be a pilot.
  2. A Sports Pilot only flies light aircraft in their local area. They may only transport 1 person and may fly low but not fly at night or over 10 000 ft.
  3. A Recreation Pilot may fly heavier planes than a sports pilot with passengers, but cannot act as a pilot for hire or charge for flying services. A recreational pilot can only fly 50 nautical miles from the airport they depart from.
  4. A Private Pilot is the most common type of pilot and makes a living from providing pilot services for charters, businesses, corporations, or specific people.
  5. A Commercial Pilot is paid to fly many different types of planes. This is a very technical type of pilot licence, using sophisticated planes for various purposes and flying under various conditions.
  6. An Airline Transport pilot is the most advanced pilot licence. They fly for large airlines as a passenger or freight pilot.

What Formal Qualifications will I need as an Airline Transport pilot?

All pilots’ licences require both theoretical and practical flying examinations. Generally, each pilot licence builds on the next, and requires a specific number of flying hours and experience, as you grow your career towards becoming an Airline Transport Pilot. The steps to building a pilot career will explain how to build your flying career towards the Airline Transport Pilots Licence level.
  • To become an airline transport pilot, you are expected to have a bachelor’s degree in aviation from universities such as Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.
  • You need to have undergone and passed professional flight training at a recognised flight school.
  • You need to have experience as either a commercial or military pilot and have achieved the necessary compliance certificates, flight ratings and flight hours to qualify.

What are the steps to becoming an Airline Transport Pilot?

An airline transport pilot flies for airline companies transporting people and cargo around the world. In Cambodia, the steps to becoming an airline transport Pilot follow a process of 7 steps.

Become a qualified private pilot starting on single-engine planes. Focus on getting the basics right such as take-off and landings and the basics of flying. This is generally about 2 years of flight hours.
Qualify with instrument rating which teaches you how to use your instruments in all kinds of weather and poor or zero visibility, to fly a plane without crashing. You cannot become a commercial pilot unless you have this certification.
Qualify as a Commercial Pilot when you have the required flying hours and experience requirement to fly larger and more complex aeroplanes. This is when you start earning some good income for your pilot skills.
Become a qualified flight instructor who trains other people to become pilots from step 1 to step 3. This job will allow you to earn money whilst you build up the experience and hours required to become an airline transport pilot.
This is the final step of moving towards being eligible to be hired by a passenger airline. You will need to learn to fly large aeroplanes with multiple engines and retractable landing gear. It is here where you must complete at least 250 hours of flying time towards your 1 500 hours.
You will have already built hours through steps 1 to 6 which can be completed through your flight instructor job. The hours are required for you to apply as an Airline Transport Pilot (ATP)
Be hired as an Airline Transport Pilot by meeting the qualification requirements of the airline. When applying for positions as a commercial airline pilot, you will be required to complete computer-based assessments of your personality, critical thinking, and problem-solving abilities. If you are successful in this phase, the interviews will include situation-based questions to assess your judgement in unique situations.

So, if the career you are committing to is to become a qualified Airline Transport Pilot, then AISPP can help you achieve this goal in Cambodia.

AISPP is the best gateway for you to become a pilot in Cambodia!

AISPP has made it possible for you to get a head start in your pilot career whilst you are busy completing your high school diploma. AISPP has partnered with Embry-Riddle Aviation University to provide you with a dual enrolment pathway to your career as an airline pilot. Embry-Riddle has existed since 1926 and is acknowledged as the leading Aeronautical University in the world. It has a global online university which allows people around the world to study remotely and build their qualifications for an aviation career. Choosing this pathway to jumpstart your career before you have completed High school is a smart choice.

How Does it work?

  1. This is a dual enrolment process you will be required to complete at AISPP as part of their high school CP Programme. You will have to apply and be accepted to the Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University 2 years before you are due to complete your High School certification.
  2. Once accepted into Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, you will need 2 years to complete 8 online courses. Each course carries 3 credits and takes 9 weeks to complete.
  3. On completion, you will receive a statement of results for all courses completed with your 24 credits and a certificate of completion.
  4. After successfully completing your high school diploma, your IB Diploma courses and CP certificate, and achieving your 24 credits from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, you will be able to move straight into your second year of study at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University to complete your 4-year bachelor’s degree for your career in Aviation.

How Much Will it Cost?

  1. The Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University cost during your last 2 years at school, is over and above your AISPP tuition and related services fees.
  2. Each Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University course costs around $750 and the final costs for the 8 courses over the 2 years will be around $ 6000.

What are the next Steps?

Book an appointment with the admissions department at AISPP to start your dual qualification registration as soon as possible. Your future is in your hands!

AISPP and Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Partners in building your Aviation Career.

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