A Remarkable Annual Sports Gala at AISPP!

Sports Gala 2020 was held on Friday 28th February. This year’s events were split in two with a morning event for the ELC students and parents and a separate, full day event for PYP and MYP students.

The ELC event was well supported by families and the children had a great time working their way through different events including hockey, bikes and running relays. The children all helped to decorate their designated home base of their house consisting of artwork crafts on their house colour and they all enjoyed sharing their physical skills with their parents, teachers and friends.

The PYP and MYP activities varied from team building activities, to competitive sport, and traditional activities such as sack races, 3 legged races, tug of war and a big running relay between all the houses. The participation from all students was excellent and they competed with and against each other exhibiting excellent levels of effort and attitude. This made it worth the hard work that a day such as this takes to set up.

We now look forward to the next big house event; the Swimming Gala scheduled for later in the academic year.

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