Dear Parents,

Please reconsider your travel plans domestically to provinces and internationally, particularly within the region.

Upon entry to the school, you must declare your recent travels to ensure health standards.

As more cases of non-China human-to-human infection develop within the region, nations are reconsidering their border posture and access. More airlines are canceling flights to Mainland China. Nations are barring entry of cruise ships with sick passengers.

Singapore is a primary Medevac Center in the region. They will not accept novel coronavirus patients and will only accept a viral pneumonia patient (non-coronavirus) on a case-by-case basis with documentation of a negative coronavirus test.

Numbers outside China are declining and this is now a pattern.

School Is open and continues with its programme and we encourage all students to attend school. The school will continue to screen all staff, students, and parents on a daily basis and as you enter the campus. Deep cleaning will occur this weekend across the campus, to ensure all is safe. This is additional to the extended regime, currently in place.

Please note that we have received no further advice from the government nor its ministries of health or education regarding measures. Travel to Cambodia is currently open and unrestricted and the testing capabilities are limited. Therefore, we continue to follow international standards, UN, Embassy and Security advice to ensure the well-being of the community.

Further advice will be sent on Sunday evening- please monitor social media, the school website and the text message alerts for information to follow.


Paul Grisewood

Head of School

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