Were your schools days the happiest of your life? The fact is happiness leads to success when it comes to learning, so spreading positive psychology across school is really important if you are to encourage learning and achievement at the highest level.

Success In Life Starts With Happiness

From specific education policies, to raising the awareness of the role happiness plays in an individual child’s success across the learning community, schools are having to adapt their learning approaches and environment to ensure children get the start in life that they deserve.

Happiness Fuels Success On Many Different Levels

So is it merely a case of putting a child into an international school where students smile, teachers are always positive, and the environment is designed for high-powered learning and achievement? To an extent all of these things have a bearing on the happiness of children, as do the positive relationships that are encouraged across school. But it runs much deeper than that.

Kids Need To Feel A Connection

A happy child is one that feels connected to, and a part of their learning community as this leads to increased energy, an appetite for learning and knowledge, as well as lots of great ideas and positive, happy thoughts across the school day.

Happiness Needs To Be Part Of A School’s Overriding Culture And That Involves Teachers And Students – And Everyone Else..

How a teacher feels, for example, can completely change the learning environment and mindset for students of all ages as they feel a personal, positive connection with people and what they are being introduced to. But it’s not just teachers – administrators, school staff and other custodians need to be involved and on board in terms of spreading the happiness culture, if children are to thrive.

So yes, a happy school environment (in the widest sense) does create happy, smiley, high achieving children and that’s a place where most parents want their children to be educated.

“At AISPP we emphasise praise (not criticism), we have a robust wellbeing code that everyone understands, and we judge children not just by their academic achievements, but by their level of happiness.”

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