There are many strategies and trains of thought about how you inspire children to learn. The first realisation has to be that each child is unique and any effective learning needs to embrace that fact. Here at AISPP, our teachers adopt various methods and strategies to engage children, and at the heart of this lies the IB (International Baccalaureate) Learning Framework and IB Learner Profile.

Inspiring Hearts And Minds To Help Create A Better World For Us All To Live In

At the heart of all IB programmes is the IB Learner Profile, a long-term vision of education that underpins the IB continuum of education, that puts students (and their individual needs) at the centre of everything we do.

The Learner Profile is the IB mission statement (in action) and provides a common set of learning behaviours that aim to inspire, motivate and focus students. It’s designed to actively encourage children to be inquisitive, knowledgeable, to think critically, to be caring, to communicate effectively and to be open minded.

Most importantly, it inspires children to learn – and at a greater depth: about life, other people, and the world at large – globally and locally.

21st Century Teaching Is About Inspiration, Not Just Information

The most effective teaching (whether that’s inside or outside the traditional classroom environment), attempts to focus on ‘why’ and not just ‘what.’

Teachers need to spark their students’ imagination by using a range of different methods and approaches – and much of this has to be individualised.

Children must feel connected to, and interested in what is being presented (and how it’s being presented), if they are to be inspired to learn. If a teacher can trigger the imagination of their students by using innovative technology exciting projects and practical, fun challenges then many will drive their own learning and go on to achieve much, much more.

A Combination Of Factors

So, the IB Learning Framework, great teaching (and individualised) methods, fun challenges and a modern environment and facilities, all help to inspire and motivate kids to learn – and learn at a higher level.

And we shouldn’t forget that children inspire other children too – so a happy, open environment were kids learn together, collaborate and appreciate each other, is also going to inspire.

AISPP, an Australian Co-ed IB International K-12 school (Phnom Penh), is fast becoming one of the Kingdom of Cambodia’s leading education providers. Providing a modern Australian private and independent education, its 21st Century philosophy, state-of-the-art facilities and world-class teaching standards, make it ideally placed to prepare children for the global challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

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