At AISPP we believe that collaborative learning encourages children to develop the social skills, communication abilities and personal confidence that will help them in later life. The fact is collaboration in any school and/or classroom environment leads to successful learning so we think it should be encouraged.

Developing A Depth Of Thinking, Oral Communication And Self Confidence

Great relationships are the foundation of successful learning in any school.

In an international school context, collaborative learning is even more important as it helps and encourages students form different backgrounds, nationalities, race, or up bringing, to come together as one group, so that they can start to appreciate other people’s opinions, personal qualities and general outlook on life, alongside their own.

What Are The 5 Key Benefits Of Collaborative Learning?

Collaborative learning (or learning in groups) can

  1. help to develop a child’s social skills
  2. encourage learning from their peers
  3. enhance engagement and interest
  4. build trust
  5. boost their personal confidence

Being Heard By Others Promotes Self- Confidence And A Greater Sense Of Personal Worth

Working in a group by its very nature challenges children to find ways of being heard, of communicating with the people that they are working with, and listening to each other’s opinions.

Collaborative group learning is a great platform for developing a huge range of life skills that go beyond traditional classroom learning and teaching.

Learning Experiences Are Much More Fun When Shared!

From a general perspective, sharing an experience with someone else (in a group) when it comes to learning has to be better than experiencing it by yourself, as you can talk to them, share your feelings and thoughts about different things and have fun together.

Teachers Must Make Time For Active, Collaborative Learning

So collaborative learning wins on all levels, across the ages and leads to some really special experiences and benefits, and it’s something that we encourage at AISPP.

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