Creativity is hugely important in the modern classroom. Why? Because a creative classroom helps students to be better thinkers and learners – and that’s what the 21st Century demands!

Schools Need To Make Time For Things Like Brainstorming And The Cross-fertilisation Of Ideas

Many teachers fear that creativity is gradually (but very definitely) disappearing from the Curriculum.

Learning today seems to involve too many standardised worksheets, tests and assessment material – almost a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach.

AISPP has chosen to offer the IB Learning Framework to promote creativity in the classroom. The framework ensures students have the time to develop a natural tendency to explore different things in different ways, and to question and inquire, so that they develop a much broader mindset and knowledge.

Creativity is an essential 21st Century skill that helps young people to develop into well-rounded people. To not give students the opportunity to creatively develop their ideas is almost certainly going to lead to limited achievement, skills development and even to disengaging them from the whole process of learning.

Role Play, Mind-maps, Brainstorming, Storyboards, Experimental Platforms And Technology – Learning Needs To Take On Many Different Forms

So how can a teacher promote creativity in their classroom? To start with they can differ the modes of presentation they use, regularly vary tasks in terms of format, provide choice within the modes of acceptable presentation, use different teaching techniques that encourage students to step out of their comfort zone and try something else – things like role play, brainstorming, regular play, experimentation, visualisation and so on. All of these things help to stimulate a child’s brain, create interest, stir up the imagination and intelligent thoughts and promote a greater depth of thinking and realization about life and learning.

Everyone Has Creativity Within Them. It’s The Experiences You Are Introduced To That Develops It!

AISPP is an official IB World School candidate and implicitly embraces the need for creativity in learning, believing it exists throughout and in between the IB Learning Framework. It empowers teachers to explore it creativity further – and that’s to be encouraged.

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