At AISPP we recognise that each of us is a cultural being. We recognise our Host Country Cambodia. We recognise Australia. But we recognise the wider community.

We are internationally minded.

Underpinning our beliefs at AISPP is the IB Learner Profile.

  • We work together, take risks and inquire into our own and other cultures.
  • We think about, and gain knowledge about, the world around us.
  • We find ways to communicate our cultural learning.
  • We are open-minded, reflective and caring about all cultures.
  • We strive to become truly balanced and principled global citizens.

We value the similarities and differences each person’s cultural heritage brings to our lives. We celebrate and share our diversity on a daily basis both inside and outside the classroom in order to enrich the learning experience for our students and the whole school community.

We believe that culture is broad and complex. We understand that cultural identity comes from traits and values learned through membership in micro-cultures based on ethnic origin, religion, gender, age, class, native language, geographical region, and other factors. For us, culture is much more than a study of food, fashion, folklore, festivals and fame.

International Day is a wonderful opportunity for the school community to acknowledge and celebrate its diversity, making explicit one of the key features of the IB Programme – International Mindedness, being a global citizen and understanding other cultures.

There’s a community that’s even bigger than your country that you can be a citizen of, no matter where you live. It’s our planet. We’re connected with people around the globe like never before, from where we buy and sell, to the air we breathe, to the technology that makes anyone’s ideas just a click away. Through the United Nations, you have rights common to all people globally. You also have a responsibility to respect all people’s rights. National citizenship remains important, but our common bonds and challenges are bigger than any national borders. Embrace the world-be a global citizen.

As young citizens of the worlds you are all challenged to Mae a difference- Not to continually talk about it- make a peaceful difference in the lives of others.

You have the opportunity to be a global citizen every day. As the educated future of this country and the world you all have a responsibility.

You can do this by

  • Learning about, respecting, and communicating with different people.
  • Solving problems peacefully.
  • Standing up for rights and challenging injustice.
  • Conserving resources and protecting the environment.

So as a community of Global Citizens …..

May we develop our attitudes of cooperation, empathy, integrity, respect and tolerance. May we be principled. May we be caring. May we be Open minded. May we be reflective.

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