Last weekend saw our first MYP Overnight Camp in the school grounds. Years 6 to 10 took part in a range of fun experiences linked to well-being, critical and creative thinking.

The camp started after lunch on Friday with the launch of AISPP’s new House System. Houses will be central to our well-being and pastoral programmes. The School Houses are:

The Sharks Khiev (Blue)
The Kangaroos Krohom (Red)
The Dingoes Leung (Yellow)
The Crocodiles Baitong (Green)

Students were put in their houses, given their colours and set off to write their ‘house chant’.

Next up were the sports challenges on the field, with teams winning House Points in a variety of activities from tug of war to sack races.

From the field we went to the pool, with teacher and students competing in their houses in swimming relays, water polo and other fun activities.

After a break it was time to prepare a dinner of barbequed burgers and sausages, before gathering around the campfire for the first performances of the house chants. By this time we were all tired and so the move to the library for a movie night was very welcome.

Saturday morning started early with students preparing bacon and eggs for breakfast. A hundred eggs were fried or scrambled over camping stoves!

The rest of the morning was spent with the House teams completing a series of challenges. For the first, students had to make a stretcher out of two bamboo poles and some rags. The winning team was the first one to carry one of their member across the field. The camp experience finished on a high note, with The Amazing Race AISPP, a race in which teams had to complete 5 survival and creative thinking challenges.

It was an absolute pleasure to see the students throw themselves into all the activities and showing very high levels of responsibility and leadership skills.

Special thanks to the staff, Mr Muirhead, Ms Slaughter, Mrs Fryer, Mr Lloyd, Mrs Hanselmann and Mr Grieve for all their hard work in making the camp such a success. A special thanks also to Mr Martinez and his site and security teams for their support.

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