We are pleased to announce that we are having our first international school trip for seven of our MYP students. The trip is taking them to the Indonesian island of Bali where they will be attending the three day sustainability workshop at the Green School Bali, a leading light in sustainability development.

The workshop under the theme: Connect – Respect – Protect, will see students share ideas and knowledge with people from many different parts of the world, this year with a special focus on indigenous peoples and their traditions.

There will be presentations from indigenous people from Australia’s Aborigines, Native Americans, Dayaks, New Zealand Maori, Papuans and Asli among others, where they will share their wisdom about sustainable living. There will be hands-on events and also break-out sessions where different groups will be working together on a variety of topics. Our students will be able to watch documentaries and share ideas and discuss issues.

The students who are travelling to the event were chosen from our MYP cohort because they were able to demonstrate a commitment to sustainability. They wrote a proposal that showed a desire to learn more about sustainability and to exchange ideas with others so that they can contribute to the development of sustainable solutions to benefit our school and the wider community.

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