Sustainability@ AISPP Bali Indonesia.

We are pleased to announce that from 1 to 6 May a number of AISPP MYP students will venture overseas and represent the school on our inaugural international school trip.

The trip will take them to the Indonesian island of Bali where they will be attending the three-day sustainability workshop at the Green School Bali, a leading light in sustainability development.

The workshop under the theme: Connect – Respect – Protect, will see students share ideas, enjoy hands-on events and join panel discussions as well as exchanging knowledge with people from many different parts of the world.

This year the focus will be on indigenous peoples and their traditions, who will contribute to the workshop by sharing their wisdom about sustainable living.

The chosen MYP students showed a commitment to sustainability and a desire to learn more about it with a view to bringing back ideas for the development of sustainable solutions to benefit our school and the wider community here in Cambodia.

We thank the school board for their commitment to the project Sustainability 2020 across the school and specifically funding this trip for the students.

Congratulations to those students selected.

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