Hello AISPP families and friends –

We are all excited to have our October holiday week next week. I want to wish all of you a restful and fun time with family and friends. Please travel carefully, knowing that there are flooding issues currently in the country.

The most exciting news of this month has been the Authorisation of the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme (IBMYP)! This is something that the school has worked towards since my arrival and I am proud of our community for all taking part and showing our best side to the IB Visiting Team members – parents, students, staff, board, administrators. It is a superb accomplishment.

The guidelines that the Ministry of Education, Youth, Sports has put in place with AISPP are being reviewed and updated as frequently as the Ministry allows. We hope that Cambodia will remain very low in Covid cases over the next weeks, so that some more “normal” parts of school can be implemented again. Rest assured, we are in constant contact with the Ministry and updating them on our healthy status. We will inform you as soon as we know further ourselves.

Most importantly, thank you to our great students. You have all been working so hard and so happily back at school. We are privileged to have you here on campus, when so many schools in Cambodia and around the world have limited chances to hold regular classes in their schools. We know we are lucky to have such a great campus in which to teach you. 

See you all on Tuesday, 3rd November, following the Water Festival. On Monday the 2nd of November all of the teachers will be at school having a special professional development day to continue our own learning and to improve ourselves.

Looking forward to seeing everyone rested up and ready to learn for November!

Betsy Hanselmann, M. Ed.

Head of School

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