Dear parents of AISPP – 
We are so happy to all be back at school! It is wonderful to have your children back on campus to learn, see friends, and try to get back into a sense of normalcy with their learning.
As you have seen, we are following the regulations from the Ministry of Education Youth and Sports with cleanliness, social distancing, temperature checks, masks and so on. The children have been great about following these new instructions, and I am really proud of the teachers and how they have supported your children and one another with these new habits also.
Thank you for sharing your feedback with us about how we can make the school an even safer place. We will be making changes as we move forward, and you will be informed as soon as we have more information to share.
Enjoy your weekends and we look forward to having the ELC children join in with the primary and secondary students on Monday the 7th of September. Please remember that you have to have your parent AISPP I.D. to enter the campus starting on Monday.


Head of School

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