As one of the MYP Service as Action teams (MYP SA Team), our goal is to be a positive influence on our community and change our society for the better. In term 2, we have been working on preparing a bake sale to raise money which will be spent on stationery supplies to be donated to a school called “Village 15”.

Our aim is to help students and teachers in the Village 15 School. They allow children to enter and study for free, but the teachers only offer two subjects, Khmer and Math. They teach kindergarteners through to sixth graders. Each class only gets one hour of study a day at different times. For the students who wish to learn science and social studies, they would go to school on Saturday to learn grade one science and social studies. The school facility only has two small rooms (about as big as two parking spaces for a car) and when it rains, the roof leaks. They do not have proper air conditioning, carpets, just concrete.

AISPP students were requested to bring in homemade baked goods that would be sold to the rest of the school. The standard price was one dollar for a set or a snack by itself. They were to make sure that the baked goods were to be baked on the day before the event so it would not taste old.

We asked them to bring in the goods before school or morning break on the day of the event. We split the baked goods into two categories, “Savory” and “Sweet”. Before the day of the bake sale, we had to do a lot of planning and announcing. Going from classroom to classroom, a portion of our team was making sure everyone knew about the event and what was expected to happen. On the day of the bake sale, we had to wear the AISPP “Grow into Something Inspiring” T-shirts to show that we are part of the team who prepared the event.

Team members were expected to arrive early to welcome the people who brought in baked goods that were going to be sold. There were two sales sessions, one that happened during lunchtime and the other after school. The two sessions of the bake sale we managed to make a total of $555 with an additional $200 donation from the school! Due to the support of the people who were baking, bringing in, and buying goods, we managed to earn a lot of money to donate stationery to Village 15.

The bake sale took place on the 16th of November 2018 which was Friday. We had two selling times; Lunch Break and After-school.

The first session of the bake sale was held in The MY zone room and the second session of the bake sale around the entrance of the main school building.

We hosted this bake sale to raise money that will be used for buying school supplies and other things their students need to study. Our main goal was also to have a positive influence on our society that we live in and hopefully inspire those who will inherit the world after us.

The bake sale was a success! We raised a good amount of money so now, we can use this money to buy stationery and books for Village 15. Not to mention we have honed our skills in the process of planning the bake sale and made an effort to help others. We have yet to buy the school supplies and delivered them to our recipients but at least completed the “first phase” of the project.

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