All teaching staff spent yesterday looking at High Quality Teaching and Learning for their professional development. The aim of the day was to continue to enhance the educational opportunities we have to offer to our students.

The first session looked at how we use the Australian National Curriculum as a foundation for our curriculum planning, alongside the IB PYP and MYP. Session two was focused on the use of data in identifying targets for progression for students. In the final session staff worked on a range of definitions of outstanding teaching and learning from international educational organisations and institutions, these will evolve into our own definition of what high-quality teaching and learning look like at AISPP. The day involved a number of presentations and a great deal of high-quality professional discussions and marked an important stage in our continued development as a leading international school. It was a great pleasure to see the level of engagement, commitment, and professionalism that every member of staff brought. We look forward to continuing this professional development throughout the rest of this academic year.

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