The Wondrous Sports Gala Led by Our Early Learning Center – ELC!

The ELC community formed with children, staff and parents were joyfully involving with a variety of sports with their child. The ELC Sports Gala was kicked off with an allocation of each student, and staff into their respective houses, Kangaroos – Krohom, Dingoes – Leung, Sharks – Khiev, and Crocodiles – Baitang. Along with smiles, laughs, and passions, the ELC students and staff from each house took turns playing the three-legged race, running delay, scooter replay and bean bag throw.

The ELC Sports Gala focused on children’s participation skills and their ability to be involved. It supported their fundamental movement, and gross motor skills; their listening and response skills and their sense of belonging, cohesion and team spirit.

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