Unofficial Translation

Ministry of Education Youth and Sports’ Announcement

On Temporary Suspension of Public and Private Educational Institutions In Phnom Penh and Central Area of Kandal Province for 2 Weeks 

Due to the lack of information and cooperation from the affected parents and guardians, the Ministry of Education Youth and Sports has not been able to gather sufficient information on the affected 900 parents and guardians who were directly and indirectly in contact with the Hungarian Delegation, and their children studying in public and private educational institutions.  

To avoid the spread of COVID-19 to the schools and community, and to wait for the COVID-19 test results, as well as having received the approved Guidelines from the Royal Government of Cambodia, the Ministry of Education Youth and Sports decides to temporarily suspend the operation of public and private educational institutions located in Phnom Penh and central area of Kandal Province for 2 weeks, effective from the date of this announcement. The educational institutions shall continue with the online teaching and learning mode during the period. 

As per above mentioned, the Department of Education Youth and Sports Phnom Penh, and Kandal Province shall disseminate this announcement to the Office of Education Youth and Sports at City, District and Khan level; management of all educational institutions, educational staff, parents and guardians. The Ministry is requesting the relevant stakeholders for cooperation on the matter.  

Phnom Penh 08 November 2020

Minister of Education Youth and Sports 

Bandith Sapheachar Dr. HANG CHUON Naron  

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