Parents face many difficult challenges when they are moving to a largely unknown country, or region, for work purposes. They naturally want the best for their child’s education, but sometimes find it difficult to find the right international school for their needs. So just how do you assess whether a school is great and a good fit for your family?

Your Child’s Education Matters

Whether you are globally mobile for work purposes or are simply looking for the best and greatest international school in the Phnom Penh region, it pays to do your research. That means comparing each school’s Curriculum opportunities, extra-curricular activities, teaching and learning ethos, campus and classroom facilities, international-mindedness and, of course, academic performance.

“Great Schools Are Not Just Places Where Children Are Prepped To Sit Exams – They Educate The Whole Child”

A great international school goes way beyond just being a place where children sit exams, do well and enjoy wonderful facilities, a truly great school also needs to nurture the whole person through programmes like the IB (International Baccalaureate).

This involves encouraging open-mindedness, deep thinking, effective communication and language development, a thirst for knowledge, a caring attitude, a risk-taking mentality and overall, a balanced and reflective approach to life and learning in the 21st Century.

“A Great International School Is Where Learning For The 21st Century Begins”

“We’ve thought long and hard about what makes our school great,” said Paul Grisewood, Head of AISPP. “We believe it comes down to great teachers, fantastic facilities, challenging children to think beyond the present, a relevant 21st Century Curriculum (in our case the IB framework coupled with the Australian National Curriculum) and development of the whole child. A great school is a place where lifelong learning begins, children feel happy and ready to learn, and are inspired by their teachers and environment to succeed. All of these things make an international school great.”

The opportunities that an international school provides for wider enrichment and community involvement are also a factor. Great schools need to be looking beyond the classroom and introducing their students, from a young age, to the world at large and around them, along with all of its diversity, challenges and rewards.

AISPP, an Australian Co-ed IB International K-12 school (Phnom Penh), is fast becoming one of the Kingdom of Cambodia’s leading education providers. Providing a modern Australian private and independent education, its 21st Century philosophy, state-of-the-art facilities and world-class teaching standards, make it ideally placed to prepare children for the global challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

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