We live in an age where migration, freedom of movement, and better career opportunities permit families to move and work wherever they choose. Speaking another language, therefore, is imperative if young people are to make the most of living and working in the 21st Century.

International Schools Have An Important Role To Play In Encouraging And Facilitating Active Language Development

“International schools need to be leading the way in encouraging multiple language development from an early age,” according to AISPP (Australian International School, Phnom Penh).

But why is this? And is learning a different or additional language just about ensuring kids can best compete for jobs and are equipped with the vocabulary they need to communicate with others? AISPP believes it goes much deeper than that.

“Learning a language develops cultural sensitivity, international awareness and a global mindset, all of which are essential skills in today’s globalized and interconnected world and work climate.”

Developing These ‘Soft Skills’ Increases The Life Chances Of Students

International schools must ensure they dedicate the time, resources, and experienced teachers to introduce learners to multiple languages, so that they can develop these ‘softer skills’ essential to working and living the 21st Century world.With the global work climate changing and evolving at a rapid pace, more companies now expect their employees to be multi-lingual and globally-minded. And that means not just having one other language in their armoury, but many!But it even goes deeper than that. Learning multiple languages stimulates your brain, leading to significant cognitive benefits, and even improves your ability to memorize different things. It does more for you than just aid in communication.“Having a different language as part of your toolkit opens up a world of opportunity to work in different places and communicate with people of different cultures – and that’s a really exciting prospect” says Betsy Hanselmann, Head of Secondary at AISPP.AISPP, an Australian Co-ed IB International K-12 school (Phnom Penh), is fast becoming one of the Kingdom of Cambodia’s leading education providers. Providing a modern Australian private and independent education, its 21st Century philosophy, state-of-the-art facilities and world-class teaching standards, make it ideally placed to prepare children for the global challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

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