Often referred to as ‘real world learning’ schools are now realising that learning outside of the classroom is hugely important as it means children benefit from the best of both worlds by experiencing education in both formal and informal contexts.

Having A Direct Experience Of The Things Around Them Helps Youngsters To Develop A Different Set Of Skills And A Deeper Appreciation Of Life And Their Community

It seems that when a child steps outside whether that be at home or in school, they develop an increased appetite to learn, to absorb and to let go – whether that be riding a bike, discovering nature, gardening, taking a swimming lesson etc. We all love to be out of doors, so it’s a great place to be then when trying to inspire and encourage children to learn and engage with the things around them.

At AISPP we are blessed with lots of outdoor facilities so children can play safely, let off steam, swim, have a go at growing things in our secure garden and orchard, walk around our butterfly garden, play football and enjoy other sports like running and athletics. Being outside is a great place to be – it’s an environment where children can start to develop skills and connect with the things they see, hear, touch and smell.

The Most Meaningful Learning Often Happens As A Consequence Of Real-life, Practical Or ‘hands-on’ Activities And Play

The purpose of enabling children to experience the outdoor environment is to encourage them to be active, to give them a break from being indoors and to support learning in a variety of other ways and places.

At AISPP we hope these experiences help children to physically mature, increase muscle strength, their mental wellbeing, gain personal confidence, improve their communication skills and develop a strong sense of coordination and movement.

Aside from making the most of the immediate outdoors in school, we also encourage residential and field trips, participation in local sporting events, involvement in local off-site projects and so on.

Learning Outside The Classroom Promotes Positive Thinking And High Achievement

There is a growing pool of evidence that learning outdoors promotes a higher achievement too. Why? An active learner is a positive and motivated one – and we think that’s a good starting place when educating children. 

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