In today’s global work climate, education has a huge part to play in helping to prepare young people for the challenges ahead in life and work, and that involves encouraging them to approach tasks with an innovative mindset.

Innovation Is A Necessity In The World Of Business And Education

Businesses need to be constantly innovating if they are to grow their market share, stay ahead and lead by setting new standards. The fact is many of the world’s most successful brands are on the lookout for young people that are capable of thinking outside the box – enterprising innovators with the skills to completely change the dynamics of their business.

Innovation paves the way for success, adds value to a proposition, and creates a sense of satisfaction among those working with, buying from, or employed by a business. It is, therefore, a necessity not a choice.

In the 21st Century, an ability to innovate is a prerequisite for any young person who wants to be successful in a fast-paced, interdependent world, where new platforms, technologies and the general economic climate dictate a requirement for a deeper and inquiring mindset.

Students Come First Where Innovation Is Concerned – An Overly Rigid Teaching Approach Goes Against The Concept

So how can a school inspire a young person to innovate? “Innovation in schools starts with the recognition that students come first,” according to AISPP. If educators can find ways of actively and creatively engaging their students, by igniting their interest in different things and subjects, and dare it be said, even get them excited by it all, then innovation will naturally follow.

Schools Need To Recognise That To Inspire Their Students To ‘innovate’, They Need To Be Innovative Too!

Teachers now need to be using alternative teaching methods, different visual platforms and technologies, and to experiment with learning techniques if they are to provoke an inquiring mindset.

Innovation has its place in today’s modern classroom. It promotes a depth of thinking, a broader understanding and a more rounded appreciation of life and all of its challenges. Most importantly it encourages students to be innovative too – and that’s a skill that will set them up for future success in the 21 st Century workplace.

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