Technology has changed the way we live, work and learn. It’s here to stay and most young people can’t get enough of it! Schools need to understand how and when they should use it if they are to create an effective working environment that supports achievement and success.

Technology Makes Learning Fun – And That’s A Good Place To Start In School

Ask teachers about technology (even though some might have their reservations when it comes to mobile phone usage in school etc) and most will agree it has a positive role in keeping students interested, engaged, and even excited about learning.

It Is Changing How Teachers Teach And Students Learn

The fact is education needs technology. Tablets are replacing workbooks, parents communicate with their son/daughter’s teachers by email and you can get almost any homework support or data you need on your smart phone. That’s just the start.

Students confirm that technology helps them to learn on a deeper level. Topics deemed “boring” can now be re-thought and brought to life with tools like interactive screens, laptop tutorials and YouTube videos.

Most importantly, technology in schools helps prepare students for their roles in the digital 21st Century world.

Education is no longer about memorising facts, improving vocabulary and adding up. It’s about learning how to solve complex problems, being able to collaborate with people, and understanding how the digital economy works. Technology makes all of this possible. In fact, almost everything that we do these days has a link back to technology in some way.

Technology Gives Education Relevance

“Working together on projects with peers is more flexible when students stay connected outside of school. Discussions continue, ideas are shared, and engaged learning happens naturally through the tech connectivity”, says Betsy Hanselmann, Head of Secondary.

“From learning to code, to completing online worksheets, to producing powerful video presentations, technology is empowering, it encourages knowledge retention and it even benefits teachers by simplifying lesson prep and keeping students interested, ” says AISPP (Australian International School, Phnom Penh)“It’s something we encourage across school as it gives our learners a glimpse of what it’s really like out there in the 21st Century world.”

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