Co-curricular Activities

The AISPP co-curricular activities (CCAs) objective is to enhance learning for AISPP students and to help them:

The CCAs are optional activities that students from Foundation to Year 12 can choose to participate in as offered between 3 – 4pm. These activities support student growth and development and give them some choice about areas they would like to focus on. The activities include additional swimming lessons, joining a competitive sports team, becoming part of a music band, visual art extension opportunities, and a range of other activities that allow students to pursue their interests.

We offer several different cycles of CCAs during the school year. Each cycle is usually about 8 weeks, although the Covid-19 restrictions have changed these. At the end of each cycle the students may select new activities for the next round. We offer CCAs on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. Students can elect to do an activity on one, two, or all three of these days. If your child is participating in a CCA they will stay at school until 4pm. Students not participating in CCAs go home at 3pm. For families that have more than one child at our school we recommend that you have the students select activities on the same day so that you only need to come once to pick them up. For families with a SY/PY student and a EY sibling, a EY Sibling CCA is available, however the older sibling MUST also be registered on the same day.

Important Notice: No Co-curricular Activities are available at this point in time, due to the Covid-19 pandemic. For additional information, please contact the Admissions Office.